... and what does this contribute to your text and articles?

The essence of a good text is in the grammar. Proof reading is a big part of making the perfect product for your webshop, website or article. By doing this you are guaranteed to hit your audience the best way.

When you write about a specific topic, you define as special way of speech for the reader, that sets s stance of how readable your text shall be. This can also be categorized with LIX numbers og in that way you can see how hard the text will be for the average visitor/reader.

But what do you get for buying proofreading? You’ll get many advantages. Your visitor will experience more interest in your article, product or text if everything has been sat up correctly. Which means that the visitor will continue to click around your website or read more articles. Without proofreading you can worst case lose visitors because of simple mistakes.

What does prrofreading at include? The service includes a couple of procedures. We’ll make sure that you hit the right audience, have a understandable product and the right amount of keywords integrated in terms og search optimization and most importantly make your message clear and visible for your readers, so that you can keep the customer.

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