... and how does this help my website?

What is SEO text you may ask yourself. SEO text is basically articles that is going to be boosting specific keywords for your page. So when we are going into an agreement of making multiple SEO texts, we’ll figure out what kind of keywords you need. Unless you have your own demands.

We’ll make sure to make your topic fit the specific page or hit the right angle so that it will make sense. By using SEO text you are able to boost your sites DR and traffic if written correctly.

But how do I know if you can write an article about a specific topic? We are open and very skilled with researching the exact topic. This means that the product that you’ll receive is easy to understand and contains all the demands you expect.

What does proofreading include exactly? This service includes a fully fledged SEO text that contains all your needs and demands. Links, specific anchors or angles. We’ll make sure that you get the product you need in order to rank better on google, on the specific keyword.

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